• Supported devices  
    Set the supported device classes here. If an app is intended for use with the smartphone and tablet, select "universal". If the app is only for smartphones, select "smartphone". For tablets, select "tablet"
  • Content Fit strategy  
    Here you can specify what your content should be. Learn more about  content fit strategies  .
  • Print subscription activation (Entitlement)  
    If you have connected to entitlement system to Purple DS Manager via an interface, you must activate the integration, among other things, for the app.  
    Learn more about entitlement
    Learn more in the technical documentation.
  • Lazy loading of images  
    This feature activates the lazy loading of images. As a result, the reading experience is optimized, since the user does not need to wait until all the images of a page are loaded to view them. 

All changes in this menu area must be saved and are only available after re-building the app ("build app").