This feature determines whether or not the content rotates when the device rotates.

  • Dynamic 
    This option allows for the content to be rotated. Especially for PDF content, the display is adjusted as follows: one page is displayed in portrait format, and two pages are displayed as a double page
  • Landscape 
    This option sets the content display to landscape format. However, if a device is set to portrait format, the content will automatically be displayed in landscape format
  • Portrait 
    This option fixes the content display to portrait format. If the device is set to landscape orientation, the content will be automatically displayed in portrait format

You can also set this behaviour differently depending on the device class (phone or tablet). For instance, many smartphone users hold their devices in portrait format. If you offer appropriate versions of issues  , you can disable rotation for phones and set 'Portrait' mode for phones. This ensures that your content is displayed optimally.