Purple DS Manager's user interface is structured as shown in the image below. Please note that according to the user roles assigned in teams, more or fewer options in the manager may be visible to you.


The Manager menu on the left side consists of the following entries:

  1. Apps 
    Overview, creating, modifying, and managing your apps. Learn more about  apps 
  2. Publications 
    Area for managing your content. Learn more about publications
  3. Teams 
    Area for managing your team members including their rights. Learn more about teams 
  4. Coupons 
    Area for creating and managing coupons for your content
  5. Purchases

    You get an overview of the in-app purchases for a specific device. Learn more about purchases

    Download options for the latest Composer and Adobe plug-ins, plus the Starter Kit
  7. Help 
    Link to Purple DS support page