Purple DS Manager does a multitude of tasks. This particularly includes creating and managing apps along with managing content:

  • Creating and managing apps
  • Adjusting app design (colors, text, home screen, menu)
  • Managing content and presenting it in apps (your publications and issues)
  • Integrating analytics tools such as Amazon Pinpoint, Google Analytics, Flurry, Firebase
  • Integrating entitlement tools (Purple DS Entitlement or third-party providers)
  • Linking content management systems, eg Drupal
  • Managing content templates for semi-automatic and automatic creation of app content (see Purple DS Workflows )
  • Administrating team members
  • Download the Starter Kit which includes; the current Purple DS Composer, and the Adobe InDesign plug-ins

Note: If you adjust content or dynamic content (e.g. app menu), you do not need to re-build the app These changes are automatically accepted by the app. For all other changes (e.g. app icon, app colours, font files, 3rd party integrations, ...), you need to rebuild and install the app (update).