The Purple DS Templating Client provides the ability to easily convert InDesign files created for print into mobile layouts.

The Templating Client can be fully customized: both the underlying XML structure and the templates (design) can be customized.

To start the Templating Client, the desired InDesign file is exported using Purple DS InDesign® Plug-in and then opened with the Templating Client. Using drag & drop, the individual InDesign elements are tagged, or assigned to the respective XML element. 

On the right side of the preview the new layout, which is generated by the used template, is displayed. The display can be switched between the defined layout variants (eg phone, tablet, desktop). In addition, there is always the option to seamlessly incorporate the created layouts into the Composer and edit or change them there. As a result, you are not only dependent on the programmed part of the design templates; rather, you can take advantage of all the Composer's abilities and expand the project.

Lastly, the result can be exported and uploaded to the Manager. 

The Templating Client is structured as follows:

  1. View of the imported InDesign file 
  2. Tagging area for structuring the individual elements (images or text)
  3.  Preview of the adjusted template layout

You can find our video tutorial for Templating Client on YouTube: 

Tutorial I Purple DS - Templating client