If you process the InDesign document after export, you can apply for the Purple DS project. This case often emerges in different book editions.

Attention : The original InDesign document must have been saved after the first export. The InDesign changes have been made to this saved document.

To update a Purple DS project using InDesign, proceed as follows:

Use the Composer to export a storytelling file (PKAR) of the current project under the "File -> Export Storytelling Archive ..." window menu. Save the PKAR file in a folder of your choice.

  1. Call up the updated document in InDesign and make the following settings during export:
    • Activate "Merge with Purple DS Composer Export".
    • In the subsequent dialog, select the PKAR exported in Step 1.
    • Adjust the update settings.
  2. Perform the InDesign Export and open the result in the Composer. Save the export as a new Composer project