Open your project in Adobe® InDesign®. All included layers will be exported in their respective image format, meaning images will be used as PNG or JPG and text as a textbox with the configured font. 


  • Please note that image files with transparencies will always be converted to PNG files 
  • Not all InDesign options are available on mobile devices. In such case, image or PDF export can be used
  • InDesign groups are always exported as a PNG image. If you wish to use individual elements in the composer you should delete the groups before export. Otherwise, a 100% -identical layout, even for complex elements, can be used for complex elements.
  • JPG file (eg photos) on a separate layer called "JPG" or "JPEG". The plug-in wants to export the images to this layer as a JPG file
  1. Open Purple DS extension under Window / Extensions (1).

  2. Configure the export settings to your preferences.
    • Templating Export 
      Activate this option if you wish to continue working with Purple DSо Templating Client after exporting
    • Image Options 
      The suggested options offer a good compromise between image quality and file size.
    • PDF Layers 
      Here you can define and which layers are to be converted into a PDF. PDF layer guarantees a 100% depiction of the layout, although the individual elements can not be further modified in the composer. Only the text layers are often exported as PDF
    • Merge with Purple DS Composer Export 
      You can use this option to update a previously exported project. More information on InDesign Update
  3. Begin export via "Export Pages". Please choose a folder to export to (3.1). During export, invisible information is written to the elements to allow for a Subsequent project updateTherefore, please save the InDesign project after export (3.2).
  4. During the last step, in the Composer or Purple DS® Templating Client  to optimize it for mobile presentation.