You can use your content created in Adobe® InDesign® in Purple DS.

To do so, you can export it from InDesign® using Purple DS plug-in and further processing it in Purple DS Composer. With Purple DS Composer you can give your content animations and interactions.

You can download the latest version of the plug-in here .

Requirement  Java SDK has been installed on your system. Since plug-in version 1.4 Java is being used to export the images. You can find the installation files for Mac OS X here .

Unzip the included file, "PurpleDSExtension_CC2014-CC20XX_X.XXzip" (1). Open the included "Installer" file by right-clicking (Crtl + click) (2). If you see the following pop-up (3), please confirm with "Open".

Note : If you receive the "Open an app from an unidentified developer" notification, please follow the  installation instructions provided by Apple.

After installation and restarting InDesign, the "Purple Export Extension" will be available under the "Window" -> "Extension" menu.