You can use your content created in Adobe® InDesign® in Purple DS.

To do so, you can export it from InDesign® using Purple DS plug-in and further process it with Purple DS Composer. With Purple DS Composer you can give your content animations and interactions.

You can download the latest version of the plug-in here.

Requirement Java SDK has to be installed on your system. Since plug-in version 1.4 Java is being used to export the images. You can find the installation files for MAC OS X  here.

After unzipping the ZIP file, you can begin installation by double-clicking on the "PurpleDSExtension_CS6-CC_X.XXzxp" (1 and 2) file.

After installation using the Adobe® Extension Manager for CS6 or for CC  (3) and restarting InDesign®, the "Purple Export Extension" will be available under the "Window" -> "Extensions" menu (4).