Events can be used to jump to any scenes and additional elements. Thus, the structure of scenes, linear at first glance, can be broken up. There are generally two methods for controlling a scene change using events:

  • User-Events 
    Any events can be linked to elements on the stage (see events ). As a result, a button can be defined as a "Jump to Scene" for "On Tap or Click" and switches to a scene of your choice. The scene transition for the current scene is carried out when switching to the target scene (defined in the event).
  • "On Exit" Events 
    Scenes can be allocated to "On Exit" Event. This event is automatically triggered at the end of the scene and can be combined with the "End of Clip" scene transitions. As a result, a scene can automatically jump to any scene / element of your choice at the end of a scene.

You can find examples of various uses for scenes in the "Video Grid", "Audio Player", and "Picture Gallery" samples, which are provided upon starting the Composer.