Clicking on the button between two scenes will open the Inspector for triggers and transitions.There are two possible triggers (see 4 above) for a scene change - aka "Transition to next scene":

  • End of Clip 
    Automatic transition to the next scene, as soon as you have finished playing in full. 
    • If repeated animations ("Loop A / V") are used, the end of the scene will never be reached and the scene change will never be triggered
    • If a scene contains no animations or playable media, the scene duration will amount to 0:00 seconds. As a result, the transition to the next clip takes place immediately with the "End of Clip" setting.

  • Wait for Button 
    The scene is not changed automatically; rather, it waits for an event triggered by the user (eg a tap on a button)

The type of scene change can be defined in the transitions ("Type") area (see 5 above):

  • Hardcut 
    The next scene is shown with a hard cut without delay or fading in / out
  • Crossfade 
    The current scene fades out while the next scene fades in. To do so, use the "Duration" and "Offset" functions (duration and time of transition)
  • Color blend 
    The current scene fades out, followed by a color transition to a specified color, and then the next scene fades in. To do so, define the transition color
  • Parallax 
    With the parallax effect, the current scene segues into the following scene