A pop-up of the pop-up itself and the trigger that opens the pop-up. Each element, including compositions, can be defined as a pop-up.

  1. Defining a pop-up
    1. Select the element that is intended to serve as a pop-up.
    2. In the inspector, open the widget properties (circle symbol). 
    3. There, activate the "pop-up" option. 
    4. You can specify colors and a fade-in / fade-out. Furthermore, you can specify fullscreen behavior. 
      Note  : The pop-up is always visible on stage in the composer. However, it is only visible in the preview and in the app when the trigger opens the pop-up.
  2. Defining the Trigger for Opening the Pop-Up
    1. Select the element that is intended to trigger the pop-up.
    2. Use the inspector. Open Widget Properties (circle icon).
    3. Add the "On Tap or Click" - "Toggle Popup" event to this element. 
    4. Click "Add Event".
    5. In the following list, select the pop-up created in step  
      Note:   Opened pop-ups can be closed using a tab next to the opened pop-up. However, there should always be an additional closing event for pop-ups. Otherwise, fullscreen pop-ups can not be closed and the user is "trapped".

  3. Defining the trigger for closing the pop-up
    1. Add the "On Tap or Click" - "Toggle Pop-up"  event   to an element inside the pop-up. In the following, select the pop-up created in step 1. 
      Note: Where applicable, it is useful to place a touch area over the pop-up or integrating a button and making the pop-up a composition so it can contain the touch area or the close button.
    2. It's possible to create an event in order to close all the pop-ups in the scene at the same time. You can find more information in   events  .

Pop-up Samples and Video Tutorial
  The "Pop-Ups" sample, which is an example of using a pop-up. 
You can find our video tutorial on compositions on YouTube:

Tutorial I Purple DS Composer - Create Pop-Ups