Purple DS supports the embedding of files in MP4 and MP3 format.

You can easily embed a video directly into the project by dragging it directly to Purple DS Composer’s stage from the Finder and save it there. 

  1. Alternative, you can insert a placeholder (“Video Element”) from the toolbar (left) and place it in the desired size. 
  2. Double-clicking on the element opens the Finder, and you can select the corresponding file.

In the inspector (right), you can make additional settings in the “Widget Properties” (circle icon) menu.

  1. “Autoplay”: This makes the video start automatically when the user opens the page. 
  2. "Pause when off-screen": If you start a video and you scroll down or up till 50% of the video isn't visible anymore. The video will pause and start again if you see more than 50% off the video.
  3. “Show controls”: If you activate this option, the video player’s control elements will be displayed.
  4. “Loop A/V”: With this option, the video is played in an endless loop.
  5. “Start delay (Frames)”: Here you can configure the delay for video start. Enter the desired number of frames.
  6. Fullscreen: Allow fullscreen toggle”: This lets the user switch between a fullscreen display and reduced display.
  7. Start Behavior”: Define here whether the video directly switches to fullscreen mode from reduced display.
  8. Stop Behavior”: Define here whether the video directly switches from full screen mode to a reduced display at the end.
  9. Orientation”: With this option, you can specify whether the video rotates with the device rotation (“Dynamic”) or only in portrait format (“Portrait”) or in landscape format (“Landscape”).