The page settings can be found to the left of the stage. Here you can make adjustments for the table of contents (list icon) and the page settings (gear icon). Open the table of contents menu by selecting the list icon.

  1. "Page name"  
    Name that will be displayed in the page list; intended for internal use only
  2. "Table of contents"  
    The displayed fields will be shown in the app's table of contents. This eliminates the need to have a full content overview on one page
    • "Section" is the section for the article in question on this page
    • "Title" is the page or article title.
  3.  "Options"  
    Here you can specify whether the page is exported with the project ("Export Page") and whether it is listed in the table of contents ("Include Page in Table of Contents"). The "Skip when paging" setting "hides" the page when browsing through it by skipping the page when swiping from one page to the next. As a result, this hidden page is only accessible if you refer to it with the help of an event or if it is listed in the table of contents
  4. "Thumbnail"  
    This specifies the page preview image (also known as thumbnails) for the table of contents, and it can automatically be generated ("autogenerate"). If the preview image needs to be adjusted, it can be done using the "Use custom thumbnail" option. "Select ...", "opens a Finder window and you can select the desired thumbnail.  " With "View" you can review the selected image
  5. "Page count"  
    Here you can see how the pages are calculated in the pagination. This option is intended for double pages, as they should count as two pages in the pagination
  6. "Purchasing"  
    If the "Show purchase suggestion" option is activated, it will be displayed in the app on the bottom page when browsing through the issue. This is a "Preview Version" (a truncated issue)