• Open the composer, select “Import” (1.1) and click on the “PSD” button (1.2).
  • Select the desired PSD file (2.1) in the Finder and confirm with “OK” (2.2).
  • Specify the target resolution (3) in which the PSD file is to be imported.
  • “Neues Dokument anlegen” (4) sets up a new Purple DS project. Please save your project before you continue to work on it.


Note: Please note that the PSD files must have the following properties in order that perfect results can be achieved:

  • All elements should have clean alpha channels. Avoid layer masks.
  • Blending options are not supported. Please rasterise elements using the blend filters.
  • Label your layers, folders, and Photoshop files with clear names.
  • Avoid using special characters in your Photoshop file’s name.
  • If you use Adobe Photoshop® CC2014 or older, please use the crop or trim tool to remove the pixel and layer outside the stage.