To import a PDF document, proceed as follows:

  • Open the Composer, select "Import" in the start dialog (1) and click on the "PDF" button (2)
  • Select the PDF project to be imported (2.1) and confirm with "Import PDF" (2.2)


Set the import options according to your project requirements. In particular, the following options should be considered:

  1. First Page is a Title Page   
    If you are looking for a PDF file, then you can read it as a single page
  2. Import Single Pages   
    If you do not wish to import double pages, you can import every page in PDF as a single page by activating this option. This can be desirable, for instance, when importing a presentation or app
  3. Page Zoom Settings   
    Here you can specify the zoom levels. If you want to activate zooming, we recommend values 1 (= 100%) and 4 (= 400%). This means you can not shrink below the initial size and only zoom up fourfold


  • "Create New Document" (4) allows you to set up a new Purple DS project. Please save your project before you continue to work on it

Note: Please note that the PDF files must have the following properties in order:

  • Color system: RGB
  • Recommended resolution of embedded images: 144dpi

Alternatively, you can convert the PDF document into a PostScript document using Adobe Acrobat and its export function and then simply convert it to a Purple DS-optimized PDF document using Acrobat Distiller and the export job we prepared.