Upon starting the Composer, the following startup dialog will be displayed:


  1. Used documents: Quickly access recently opened Composer projects.
  2. New: Create a new Composer project ("empty document") or open one of the provided example projects (samples)
  3. import
  4. PDF: Select the PDF document that will be imported into your new project. Import settings (eg single page or double page, zoom) can also be set. More information on  PDF import
  5. Photoshop® (PSD): Import to Adobe Photoshop® file using this option. More information on  PSD import
  6. InDesign® (INDD): Please use Purple DS InDesign® plug-in to import InDesign® files. It offers you extensive options for accepting InDesign® files.
  7. Furthermore, the startup dialog contains links to  online documentation  and  video tutorials  that will make it easier to get started with Purple DS