You can have an individual app menu within your Purple DS App. The attached app_menu.xml file shows a sample of a standard app menu.

The attached file contains the app_menu.xml and icons. In addition, it could contain individual HTML pages for subscriptions, feedback e-mail configuration files, news feed configuration files etc.

The set up of dynamic content including technical documentation is described here.

The upload of the file is here.

If you want to create a multi-language app please check Internationalization for dynamic content.

You can add more to the app file, eg links to HTML content in the ZIP file or external websites.

A single entry of the app menu will look like following in app_menu.xml (see attached file):


<navigationNode targetURL="purple://kiosk/feed/open"> 


  • The "navigationNode" contains the Purple DS Action URL. You can trigger a specific event with it. In this sample, the first newsfeed of the app will be opened.
  • The "title" contains the text that will be visible as the entry of the app, here " Newsfeed ".
  • The "iconURL" links to the icon images for this entry which is part of the ZIP file. If this entry is empty, no icon will be visible. For the best visual results each icon has to be added in three sizes:
    •  40x40 px
    • 80x80 px
    • 120x120px. 
      The files have to named as follows. So that the XML file will show them correctly: feed.png(40x40 px), feed@2x.png (80x80 px) and feed@3x.png (120x120 px).

More samples for in the app menu: 

With this Action URL the newsstand will be opened:
         <navigationNode targetURL="purple://kiosk/open"> 
            <title> Library </title> 
                <iconURL> kiosk.png </iconURL> 

With this Action URL the bookmarks overview will be opened:
         <navigationNode targetURL="purple://app/bookmarks/open"> 
            <title> Bookmarks </title> 
            <iconURL> fav.png </iconURL> 

This Action URL will open the HTML page which is saved to the "sample/index.htmlfolder in the ZIP file.       

        <navigationNode targetURL="purple://app/resource/dynamic/sample/index.html" iconURL = ""> 
            <title> Embedded HTML </title> 
            <iconURL> web.png </iconURL> 

With this Action URL an external website will be opened.

        <navigationNode targetURL=""> 
            <title> Website </title> 
            <iconURL> web.png </ conURL> 


With this Action URL the sharing menu will be opened. The feature "sharing", eg e-mail, SMS, messenger app.

        <navigationNode targetURL="purple: //app/share_app_or_issue"> 
            <title> Share App / Issue </title> 
            <iconURL> share.png </iconURL>