You'll find examples of magazines and various features in the Purple DS Composer if you   want to start    a   new project   (see below  Step 1  and  2  ).

In the e-magazines some articles show different functions to animate content or to make it interactive.  The designs exist for different devices, since smartphones are mainly used in portrait format, while tablet users do not have a clear preference for page orientationTherefore, the tablet design should be suitable for both orientations.  

* Tip: The basic layout should be in portrait format, as it  complies with   the   content strategy   in Purple DS. 

In addition, smartphones usually have an aspect ratio of 16: 9, while tablets have very different aspect ratios. For example, iPads have an aspect ratio of 3: 4 and various Android devices 16: 9   .

With the help of these examples, you can get started and contribute your own content.

OVERVIEW   (see below  Step 3  )

  • eMagazine   ("Fashion" and "City Stories"): several articles containing picture galleries, animations, videos and compositions 
  • Video gallery   : multiple videos in one page and scene concept
  • Samples (all optimized for landscape mode)
    • Scrollable Text:  A text box can be scrolled. This eliminates space problems for text on layouts
    • Charts: Animation of different graphs or charts
    • Audio Player:  Various examples that use scenes in compositions to control the playing of audio files
    • Pop Ups  Examples of simple pop-ups or videos as well as more complex compositions
    • Picture gallery:   Picture galleries with various options, search as scrolling, buttons, autoplay, additional animated text or thumbnail bar