Issues can be uploaded in various versions (see image below).

  • Work revisions (area 1)
  • Layouts for various devices (area 2)
  • Complete version and preview version with reduced page count (area 3)

  • Work revisions

On the one hand, various work versions can be uploaded to the Manager ( area 1 ) and you can decide which revision should be displayed in the app (1.1. "Publish to App"). Furthermore, you can read the revisions to the document to progress document (1.2. "Description"). If you're using automatic dubbing via Purple DS Composer, a new version of the selected issue will automatically be created and made visible for the test app.

  • Layout version

You can create an issue in various layouts for different device classes and platforms ( area 2 ) to better display your content. IPad display has an aspect ratio of 3: 4 and iPhone or various Android displays have an aspect ratio of 16: 9. To better take a look at this issue and the entire display size, you can create several layout versions of the same issue. The Manager wants to display the layout version that you have defined for your device.

The following options are available (see 4):

2.1 Platforms: iOS, Android, Kindle

2.2 Device class: Phone, Tablet

The display mode, that is, the settings for the respective issue can be set using the blue pen (2.3 and area 4).

  • Preview Version

In  area 3  , you can see the paid full version, which contains a lower number of pages and display purchase suggestions on the lower border of the page (see  Display purchasing information  ). You can use this feature to give your users an initial impression of the booklet.

In area 4, you will see the change menu for the content package settings. Here you can edit and specify the device classes and platforms for which the file in question is likely to be available (4.1). Afterwards, you must save for the settings to take effect (4.2). The settings for tablets are 7 inches and are 10 inches or greater.

If no specifications are made, then the file will be offered on all platforms and devices.