The settings for the video may be missing here. The Object Inspector provides options for AutoPlay and Show Control. One of these two options must be checked in order for the video to either play automatically or be started by the user.

1. Select Video

2. In the Inspector, select the Element Properties and scroll down

3. Select the desired properties in the "Movie" area

Some things to remember:

  • By default, videos are set to Autoplay after import. This means that as soon as the page is loaded the video starts automatically
  • If you deselect this option, it is recommended to Show Controls
  • The option A/V Loop means that the video is played in an endless loop. This function is useful for an animation in the background
  • Start Delay (Frames) delays the start of the video by the entered frames. It is only works the first time the video is played
  • In the Full Screen menu, you can set the video to full screen toggle (allows the user to switch between full and reduced screen views), Start/Stop behaviour and the orientation. For more information click here