In the app kiosk, you can use a separate area for advertising in the header. These banners can be created using the Purple DS Composer. 

You must first activate the "Show advertising space" option in the "Ads" menu (3). For this feature to appear in the app, the app must be rebuilt.

In this menu you will find the templates to create content in the Composer. Download the templates, unpack the file and open the desired version (Phone / Tablet) with the Composer (4). 

At the bottom of the menu you have the possibility to upload the banner and publish it. You can upload a .pkar file that you created earlier with the template, or you can optionally upload a .html file as well. For this you need to pack the files in a .zip and this also needs an index.html and all locally referenced resources like images and CSS . The system then detects it automatically and then makes a .pkar.

The management of the banner works as shown in the Output section and is independent of the app. In the left area the banners for the  preview app are  uploaded (5.1 and 5.2). On the right the banners for the  live version are  uploaded.